Electronic Entry Form
Annual Halloween Pageant
nday, October 27th, 2019
urbank, CA
Final Entry Deadline: October 20th, 2019
*Siblings Discount: First Child full price second $
50.00 off main package
Total AlI Inclusive High Point Package is only $125.00
Earlybird: Send your $50.00
deposit and receive extra raffle tickets and other freebies based on date entered.
Information for EMCEE
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Two Words that best describe me are __________ and ____________

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Favorite Restaurant

Favorite Subject in school (age 5-up only)

Favorite Food

Favorite Toy (0-4 years Old)


Sponsor _____________________________________
Sponsor is the one who pays the entry fee.  Sponsors may be parents, family, businesses or friends.  Sponsors will be
announced while contestant is on stage.

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Please select age division based on age as of Oct. 29th, 2016

2 -3 years

4-6 years

7 - 9 years

10 -12 years




Boys Please give  (Age on Day of Pageant)

All In Package includes: Beauty, Halloween Wear, Side Awards,Photogenic

Extra Optional Events:

Photogenic  included -(extra photos ____ quan x$5 ea.)

($25) Talent (Can be Double Crowned)

($20) Mom & Me or Dad and Me (Child and Parent on stage together)


(FREE ) Overall Best Talent (if entered in talent)

(FREE) Supportive Mom/Dad/Grandma Essay Contest (Essay is Due by October 20)   

(FREE)   Overall Best Photo
(if entered with paid deposit by Oct. 1)

(FREE)   Overall Best Halloween Wear (if entered with paid deposit by Oct 1)



$50 due no later than Oct. 20th. Extras paid at pageant.

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I acknowledge and completely agree that My Royal Crown Pageants directors, staff
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accidents or injury that may occur before, during or after the pageant. All photos
and videos taken may be used for the promotion of this pageant system.

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If you register and fail to show or
cancel, any  future registrations may
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