My Royal Crown
Natural Beauty Pageant & Talent Showcase
General Information

Our Promise:
Our pageant system promises to give back as much to the participants as possible in awards, prizes and gifts.  Monetary prizes
will depend heavily on the number of pageant participants.  However, if we guarantee a prize, we will give it regardless of
number of participants. When we have jackpots the amount is based off of number of contestants entered for the jackpot.

Participation Award:
Everyone that competes in our competition will take home prizes and gifts!
No child will go home empty handed,ever.  WE ARE ALL WINNERS.

Guaranteed Prizes:
Prizes are listed below for each competition.  More prizes will be added as our budget allows and we gain additional
participants.   We will not double crown in beauty to allow as many winners as possible. This simply means you cannot win
overall high-point and beauty in your age division.  However, It is possible to win awards and crowns for other categories.

QUEEN: One Queen in each age division will receive a crown, official custom satin banner, Royal Dollars $$, nice gifts.
PRINCESS, DUCHESS AND COUNTESS: One Princess, Duchess and Countess winner from each age division will receive a  
Royal Dollars $$, Special Gifts.

Overall High Point Awards
To Qualify for High Point...
You Must Enter Main Contest (Beauty)
Special Events: Stage events will vary for our charity events!
Awards may be a combination of the following...  
  • A Beautiful Crown
  • Cash Award $$$
  • Scepter  
  • Royalty Cape  
  • Official Embroidered Sash
  • Gifts
  • Custom MRC Signature Award  

 Best Awards
(Judged During Line-up)
Winner in Each Age Division
*Sweetest Smile;  *Top Model ;*Prettiest Hair;  *Best Dressed;*Personality Plus;  

Winners will receive one
or a combination of the following:
* Medallion,  Title Custom Ribbon, Special Gifts, or Beautiful Garment for Best Dress!

Optional Events
Winner in Each Age Division
Optional Outfit  or Costume of Choice/Commericial Products

Winners will receive one or a combination  the following:
*Medallion, Title Custom Ribbon, Trophy, or Special Gifts

FUN FOR ALL:  We offer these at different times throughout the pageant year
*We will have several free raffles
*Early Bird Registration Gifts & Raffles
*Best Overall Pageant Spirit Award (Free Director's Choice)
* People's Choice (contestants sell votes for $1 each)
Rules & Guidelines
Our Promise:  To provide Honesty, Quality, and Affordability!
(Please know that quality will not be compromised as a result of our reasonable fees)

We firmly feel that pageant participation should not focus solely on getting dressed up just to win. It's about family bonding and
meeting new people while engaging in good sportsmanship.  Each time a child walks on stage in the spot light he/she is building
self esteem, poise & presentation.  Its these attributes along with positive reinforcement that will help to guide their paths and
prepare them for their bright futures. My Royal Crown applauds the efforts of other pageant systems but we honestly feel some
have shifted their focus from children to financial gain.  As a result, entry fees have become astronomical, which changes the
dynamic from fun to “We Must Win.” Children do not need elaborate costumes or makeup to be beautiful! As parents ourselves,
we at My Royal Crown, believe that the most precious thing about a child is their innocence. Ours is not a Pageant where
contestants will look like Las Vegas showgirls or Mini-Adults. We welcome fresh scrubbed faces and pretty Sunday
dresses/suites! Simply put, this is a magical day for making childhood memories that last a lifetime. Historically, fake hair; false
teeth; tans; excessive make-up and elaborate expensive clothes were simply not a part of pageantry.
 For this reason, “The Bar
for Pageantry Just Got Raised.”

Please help us run a smooth, organized and respectable pageant system by adhering to and respecting the following:
Special Rules:
• NO DOOR ENTRIES.  It is critical that we obtain deposits and plan for all participants to receive nice gifts and wards.
• Because of advanced preparation and costs, Minimum deposits are non-refundable. Where possible we will give you credit for
a future pageant.
If you do not show or If you cancel less than 7 days before the pageant, sorry but we are unable to
give you a credit for a future pageant.
•  Entry fees are non-refundable.
•  Please use money orders or PayPal to pay advance deposits. BALANCES MUST BE PAID IN CASH AT THE DOOR!!!  
• Sibling Discount Program Available. (First Child pays full price, Second Child will receive half off hi point package). Please
bring birth certificates to the pageant. If you would like to enter more than two children please contact us to inquire about
available discounts for more than one sibling. Sibling discount are offered for charity/duo events  but not half off.
• Please have contestants compete in the age group based on their age as of the day of the pageant.  
• Judges scores and decisions are final!
Each contestants is allowed one adult chaperon in dressing area.  
• Poor sportsmanship will not be tolerated and may result in the disqualification of the contestant without benefit of a refund.
•  Any falsification of contestant status will result in disqualification without benefit of refund and any and all prizes received must
be forfeited.
• Please do not ask who or how many contestants are in a certain age division. We will not tell; however, we will say how many
for entire pageant after registration closes.
Please minimize any coaching over the age of 4. We want to allow the children to be themselves without the
pressure of doing everything just right. This is a very difficult subject because we don't want the contestants
stressed on stage but we don't want parent's too involved! What we consider
Acceptable: Reminding a child to
smile or telling them to move from x to x, asking them to wave to the judges.  What we consider
Standing in a chair behind the judges at anytime, doing a child's full routine for talent, or outfit of choice so that
they may follow you! Again, an occasional  cue/prompt  is okay so that they don't loose their confidence but please
allow them to try on their own because this will allow them to grow! After all, it should be about growth over time
not just a win for today!
•    NO approaching the judges or tabulators during competition.
•  Participants give My Royal Crown ™ the right to use their name and pictures for publicity without further compensation

My Royal Crown is a total package"primarily natural pageant".  We are looking for a pretty face with personality,
poise, and charm.
Guidelines for Participants:
We don’t want to tell you how to dress but we would simply like for the participants to look as classy as possible! Keep it simple
and classy.

Attire:  Please check for each pageant for rules sometimes we offer natural and sometimes semi-glitz
All ages..
beauty attire may be off the rack or custom designs some rhinestones! Pearls and light sequin.
•        Glamour type photos are inappropriate for this competition and will not be scored unless its a semi-glitz pageant
•        Age- Appropriate attire, hair styles, etc.
•        Theme wear,  Commercial Product, Talent, and Outfits of Choice
(May have light stones nothing over the top please)
•        Beauty wear should be Sunday Best, Flower Girl, Evening Wear or Pageant Dress (Short or Long)  

Click Here for Examples of clothing contestants have worn. These are just examples...
Awards and Gifts