My Royal Crown
Natural Beauty Pageant & Talent Showcase
What Others Have To Say...

"I simply wanted to let you know that your
pageant was so refreshing.  To see girls,
looking their ages and kids being
themselves.  My daughter K. said she had
a lot of fun(she was the last minute in the
7-9 age group).  She was so happy with
the prizes(she loves the blue bunny she
won for Most Photogenic for her age
group).  She is also thrilled with the
snuggie type thing, she said she could not
wait to get home and change into her
relaxing clothes and curl up in that with her
new blue bunny.  In fact, everything she got
she was thrilled with.  She loved the easter
egg hunt and had wonderful time with that.  
She also loved the fact that her princess
crown had blue on it so it matched her new
bunny" -
Birmingham, AL
"I would like to thank you so much.. my
little J. had so much fun. Not only does
she enjoy her time with you, my mother
and I do as well. It gives us time to hang
out and have a ball.. Its amazing to see
J. smile and shine. So thankful she can
do this. You truly are an amazing person
so glad we have joined your pageants"
Circleville, Ohio
wonderful time we had at the National
Pageant! You really do such a
beautiful job! M. had a blast!! She
LOVES her princess castle that she
got. She tells everyone about!"
Cincinnati, Ohio

Hello Angela and Earnest,

I wanted to thank you before I left but did not have a chance to as I seen
you were much busy in handling the event.  I had a chance to speak with
your husband and thanked him for putting on these pageants not just for
my daughter but for all the kids because this is the one day where they
can go on stage and feel beautiful about themselves and forget about
everything that they may be going through.  Earnest would not take the
credit as he handed it to you. He is a good guy. I am truly thankful for
receiving the recognition that the judges placed upon me although he
deserves (the lord) the recognition because without these gifts (my girls)
my days would be bleek without meaning.  Also my thanks to you for
putting these competitions on and giving the kids hope, courage, and
realization that hard work pays off, that beauty is not only on the outside
but also what is in the heart. I am truly proud of all them kids that take
the stage as I can admit I was truly nervous and felt as my face lit up like
hundreds of lights were attached to it when I was up on stage.  Thank
you for that speech as it meant alot to me, and also thank you for
making this an opportunity for me as a father to spend some quality time
with my daughter.  Thanks Joe & A  
-Cleveland, Ohio

I was cleaning out my inbox and just ran
across this email! Yay! It is still so exciting to
read....again! LOL!

I wanted to thank you for a GREAT MI State
pageant! P. had so much fun! Thank you
for the robe and crown...I know you usually
do not do that, P. loves them both so much!

Thank you for the gorgeous picture frame
with her Hi-Point photo! That was the most
awesome award she has ever won! :)

It was a great pageant and we really
enjoyed all of it! Thanks again and we will
see you in November! :) Wendy