My Royal Crown
Natural Beauty Pageant & Talent Showcase
Keepers of the Crown

Cincinnati Royalty
Our Best Spirit Award Winner
Our 2007
Hi-Point Spring Beauty
Audience Favorite

Overall Best Spring Wear: Kendall H.

Overall Most Photogenic: Izabella G.

Audience Favorite: Halee’ J.

Best Spirit/ Congeniality: Nicole F.  

0-7 months
Queen: Izabella G  
Princess: Lee Anne S
Duchess: Reagan B
Countess: Ivy S

8-10 months
Queen: Jada T
Princess: London P
Duchess: Hannah H

15-27 months
Queen: Kendal W  
Princess: Alyssa J
Duchess: Ellie F  
Countess: Alethea M  

28-35 months
Queen: Emily W

3-4 years
Queen: Rachelle J
Princess: Emily E
Duchess: Rachael M
Countess: Genesis F
Alternate: Alivia M

5-6 years
Queen: Halee' J
Princess: Loren Y  
Duchess: Athena C
Countess: Tanaya N
Nicole F   and Brianna P.

7-9 years
Queen: Artasia N  

10-12 years
Queen: Kelci C  
Princess:  Thandy M
Overall Most
Birthday Celebrations!
Best Dressed!
Prettiest Smile!
Prettiest Hair
Prettiest Eyes!
Most Photogenic!
Best Personality
Special Thanks to Our Hostesses
Gabrielle and Kennedy
Overall Best Spring Wear