My Royal Crown
Natural Beauty Pageant & Talent Showcase
Judging Criteria/Competition Details
Parents may go on stage with children that will not or cannot go alone. (3 yr.& younger parent required) No experience Necessary & Anyone may enter.  
Tickle your baby or whatever it takes to get that smile.  If your formation is no change it we do not want to confuse or upset the child.  This will be
a fun event!
Please be sure to give each judge an opportunity to view and score by following this stage format

Simple, just go the X's marked on the stage as indicated on the diagram below.

X3  (Judges)

(Enter here)   X1                          X2                        X 4 (Exit here)       

What's Required for High-Point?
Main Beauty Competition, Photogenic and Casual Wear
or Theme wear
If you do not have a photo you can still qualify for beauty titles. Photos are used for High Point Title.  
Winners will be the contestants with highest scores of the day (Points from Beauty,Casual/Theme Wear Modeling and Photogenic will be combined for a total
Beauty Compeition:
Contestants will do a simple
walk on the stage.
Contestants may wear a
short or long dress. Judging
will be based on facial
beauty, personality, stage
presence and overall appeal.
Time Limit: 1 ½ minutes
Casual Wear:
This is a free style modeling event.
No Props are allowed . Think New
York Runway Style Modeling
We will provide music or a song list
ime Limit: 1 1/2 minutes
Required Competition: (Beauty ):  The most elegant part of
competition.  Contestants will be judged on beauty,
personality/poise and stage presence. Suggested Guidelines:  
Birth -12 years only lip gloss and pressed power to control
shines, no eye make up.
13-up natural everyday make up
look. Please do not go overboard.
Natural looking hair
extensions allowed for all ages no  flippers, or false eyelashes for
anyone.  What ever you choose,
please look natural, because
judges want a wholesome look. Keep everything (dress, hair,
etc.,) age appropriate. Scored on a scale of(1-10pts) in three
areas Beauty: (1-10pts);Personality/Smile(1-10pts);Overall

Side Awards (included)   *Sweetest Smile;  *Top Model
;*Prettiest Hair;  *Best Dressed;*Personality Plus: Judged
during group line up/parade of contestants. While these do
not count toward beauty titles, we appreciate exquisite taste
and style and its a nice fun way to win additional awards.
Required Competition (Photogenic): Photogenic
will be judged on the photo you turn in at registration.  
Please submit
one photo (head shots work best but not
required).  Photos should not be larger that 8 1/2 x 11
and not smaller than 2 x 3.  Photo may be color or black
& white.  Your choice.  No FRAMES PLEASE; however,
clear plastic protective covers may be used.  Be sure to
label the back of the photo with your child's name and
age.  Photos may be professional or snapshots but
do not allow glamour shots/enhanced or air brushed
.  Pictures are scored on a scale of (1-25pts.)
in the areas of: Clarity, Photogenic Talent,
Expression and Overall Appearance
Talent (Optional):  Open to all contestants.  
Sing, dance, play an instrument, read a poem
or nursery rhyme!
Talent should be limited
to 3 mins
. If you are doing a talent, you must
pre-register for this category.
Scores based
on: First Impression,Stage Presence,
Artistic technique and ability for
age,Originality,Overall quality of
Theme Wear:
This is a free style modeling event.
We will name a theme when we
offer this. Halloween, Valentine,
Mardi Gras ...
ime Limit: 1 1/2 minutes
We will always have casual wear
a themed outfit that's named.
Ex: Costume Wear  for Halloween